Marcus Davies

Marcus Davies lives and works in London. His work combines exceptional ability with an acute understanding of the natural world.

Working with paper collage Marcus cuts and tears papers to create these extraordinary pieces that take countless man hours to achieve, and are a testimony to his eye, patience and research preparation which bring these works to life.

Marcus studied at Saint Martin’s School of Art and the Royal College of Art, where he trained in fashion and textiles. Followed by a lengthy career in the fashion industry working in the UK, France and Italy, specialising in menswear.

Marcus illustrated two children’s books focusing on rare and endangered species published in collaboration with the World Wide Fund For Nature and 2013 sees a return to the world of illustration , where his inspiration takes him back to nature and animals. His attention to detail, use of colour and intricate textures make Marcus one of the most sought-after artists for collectors of art featuring plant life and iconic extracts from the animal kingdom.

“At the age of 12, I went on a three-week trip to Nepal that involved studying the local flora and fauna in the Royal Chitwan National Park. The highlight was tiger trekking, on elephant back with an international team attaching radio-controlled collars to aid the research of this incredible creature. This also gave me the chance to get extremely close to tigers in their natural habit, memories which have stayed with me and still influence me greatly.”

This early memory was the start of Marcus' tiger portraits, made in his signature style of elaborately complex cut and torn paper collage. The fine detailing demonstrates his deep-seeded fondness of both tigers and the use colour layered throughout his works, which capture the personality of each of the tiger species selected. He continues to explore and expand his wildlife offer from various parts of the World which can be viewed within his portfolio.

Marcus Davies' original works are available for purchase, with a selection available as Giclee prints. Enquiries can be made by contacting the artist directly. Studio visits can be arranged to view other works.